Bathroom Design

When you choose to invest in a tailored bathroom suite we understand that you want it to be perfect. Here at Rudkin and Herbert, our dedicated team of bathroom designers will discuss your options and take into consideration exactly what you want from your dream bathroom.

For those who require it, we can include disability aids as part of an easy access bathroom suite for those who are less mobile and may benefit from assistance while bathing

Wet Rooms

Rudkin and Herbert can create a wet room from any bathroom, and design them to suit your requirements. Even if you only have a small room, wet rooms maximise on the available space allowing you to take full advantage of the potential. With a range of colours, styles and materials, we have something to suit all tastes.

Functional Wetrooms

Our specialist knowledge in bathrooms and showers means that we design wetrooms that are not only contemporary and beautiful, but also safe and easy to use.

We have also carried out numerous wetroom installations for local councils as our designs, and their lack of an awkward shower tray, make them ideal for those in wheelchairs or the elderly seeking