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Boiler service - £35, extra appliances are £15 each (boiler & fire Service = £50) Protect you and your family, whilst increasing the life of your boiler by booking a boiler service today! Servicing your boiler at least once a year is important to keep it working at maximum efficiency. New boilers require a boiler service every year to avoid the warranty being void by the manufacturer.

Modern boilers require annual servicing to check combustion settings and pressures to maintain economical running cost. All boilers require testing for possible unsafe situations and cleaning of vital parts in a boiler is essential to prolong its life. After a Boiler Installation you are required by the manufacturer to service your boiler or the warranty will be invalid.

All new boilers require an Analyser to test settings. Your boiler will be tested with a Telegan Analyser to make sure it is burning efficiently. You will receive printed results and a more in depth written report on the health of the boiler and its components. It can also double as a carbon monoxide monitor to test your home is safe and a gas leak detector.